2013 marks the 135th anniversary of RIX Industries – in that time, we’ve built a company we’re quite proud of, and we’d like to take some time to share a few notable milestones we’ve seen along the way:

1878 – RIX founded in the San Francisco Bay Area by Mr. E.A. Rix
1895 – The first RIX military compressor was used for pneumatic artillery
1913 – RIX pneumatic dynamite gun used for the army in SF
1922 – The first RIX submarine compressor was used in the U.S. H-class submarine
1955 – 62% of RIX business now with U.S. Military, signed first ground support contract
1972 – First low pressure air compressor (LPAC) on combat ships; grade A class 2 shock
1990 – 5R5, Star products on market
2004-6 – ROTEC I and SABRE products unveiled; first aerospace contract awarded
2011 – ROTEC III introduced

135 years in the business of compressor technology has many implications as to our level of experience and reliability, and is in itself a testament to our success and perseverance.  However, while we at RIX are proud of our achievements, we also recognize that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the commitments of the extraordinary people who make it all happen.  This is why every year we host “recognition lunches” to honor those who have been with the company for an extended period of time.

Here at RIX, we prize the longevity of our employees highly, and believe that it is also one of the key reasons we also have long and healthy relationships with our customers.  The wealth of experience of our company as a whole and the similar expertise of employees who have spent years cultivating a great depth of industry knowledge and experience is part of the reason why 80% of our business is with repeat customers.  We’re also proud of the fact that we employ several families where more than one family member works here – it speaks to a mutual commitment between our employees and the business.  Simply put, we could not be successful approved suppliers to such notable customers as the U.S. army, navy, air force, coast guard, NASA, Boeing, and more if it weren’t for the team of highly experienced and innovative employees that are committed to seeing us succeed.