RIX Industries will be hosting the Oxygen Standardization Coordinating Group (OSCG) conferences at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada August 9th – 11th 2016. An annual assembly for all branches of the U.S. and international Military forces to collaborate and share ideas, the RIX Industries OSCG ConferencesOSCG also offers a place for leaders in the oxygen solutions industry to share knowledge, network with government affiliates, and learn about developments pertaining to medical and aviation oxygen needs.

This will be the second time RIX will be hosting the event in Reno since 2009. During the 2015 OSCG conference held in San Antonio, Texas, RIX Industries leaders gave a presentation on their state of the art liquid oxygen plant to be used on aircraft carriers and currently aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78).

“Hosting this event is an honor and a privilege,” says Charles Grutzius, a consultant for RIX Industries and retired Navy Veteran. “It is a great opportunity to have so many knowledgeable people in one room discussing the future of oxygen solutions and equipment for the government sector and warfighter alike. RIX is a proud supporter of our militaries domestically and overseas. It means a lot for us to be given the opportunity of hosting this event once more.”


A trusted supplier specializing in custom high pressure oil-free compressors, as well as on-site oxygen and nitrogen generation systems, RIX Industries has nearly 140 years of compressor expertise that has earned the Company a well-deserved reputation as a leader in military systems design and maritime science, supporting the global role in strategic deterrence, homeland defense, and economic security.  RIX improves capability and reliability through applied innovation and engineering triumphs that significantly reduce total ownership costs.  The Company’s stewardship of “green” technology ensures that military, government, industrial, and commercial customers will also step forward on environmental responsibilities as well.


The organization is led by a board of subject matter experts representing the United States Army, Navy and Air Force.  These key representatives carry a heavily influential role in both regulating and implementing the oxygen requirements necessary to meet military standards.  The goals of the tri-service and industry group are to promote oxygen system safety, standards, technologies, reliability, and commonality while reducing life cycle costs, and, in general, disseminating information about military oxygen systems.