LAKEHURST, New Jersey, May 22nd, 2015 – In an effort to promote future upgrades on MNGG nitrogen generators, leading engineers and business development directors from RIX Industries visited the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) in Lakehurst, NJ.  Having delivering over 90 MNGG nitrogen generators to NAWC Lakehurst, RIX is involved with the development of a system upgrade to target enhanced performance and reliability.

Black Hawk Helicopter
From left to right: Jerry Stultz, Terry Allvord, Kelsey Waters, and Charles Grutzius pictured in front of a NAWC UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter

“Our discussions with NAWC was centered on the progress of our modernization program, the approach for implementing the improvements, and ways that we can collaborate on future life cycle support.” says Jerry Stultz, Director of Navy and Ground Support Equipment at RIX Industries.  “While we were there, we also visited NAWC’s ground support equipment repair facility. It was valuable to see the hard work NAWC has been doing to support the fielded MNGGs.”

In an effort to embrace innovation and learn about other military personnel and interconnected duties, the RIX Industries team also took the opportunity to visit the nearby Army helicopter facility where they were able to see some of the most pristine aircraft up close and personal.

The meetings proved useful for both parties, allowing RIX Industries to align developments and plan MNGG project innovations within the coming months.