Benicia-based RIX Industries has received an honorable mention in a local news source publication for its continued support of the b-Cubed pilot program at Benicia High School. Located in Benicia, CA the local education program is a joint effort among the school district, Benicia Education Foundation, and Benicia businesses – including RIX Industries – hence, the name b-Cubed.

Two of the five b-Cubed pilot projects are funded by RIX Industries; a robotics project at Benicia High School in which 14 robots were created, and a World History Class Cold War Simulation, which is a community-wide project that allows the students to recreate and experience real-life struggles during the Civil War.

RIX Industries invites you to read the full article about b-Cubed. If you’d like to learn more about b-Cubed or how to get involved, please visit: