At Rix Industries we’re always looking for the best way to serve our customers. We have recently launched a newly redesigned website to do just that. Our new update allows for a better user experience by consolidating our categories and making it easier to find the exact compressor you’re looking for.

Our commercial category shows customers our commercial, industrial, oxygen, and hydrogen compressors as well as custom packages Rix offers. We also offer perspective customers a list of applications and an easy-to-use compressor finder and calculator.

The military section is broken down into air, land, and sea categories to allow users to quickly find the compressor for their application. Customers can easily learn about our military capabilities, including our work with ground combat vehicles, missile launchers, aircraft carriers, and more.

Our new site also focuses on easy communication with Rix. Customers can email us or request a quote at the top of our home page. The home page also allows customers to learn more about our after market support services, including our spare parts, field service, warranty registration, and customer satisfaction survey.

Be sure to visit our new website and let us know what you think!