In support of identifying alternate solution to fossil fuels, RIX Industries is a leading source of hydrogen compressors to be used at hydrogen fueling stations around the globe. fuel cell As fuel cell cars become the future of automotive technology, RIX is proud to play a key role in the supporting infrastructure behind this cutting-edge technology. A relatively new technology, fuel cells have been used in Navy submarines and commercial and industrial locations since the late 1980s. Flash forward 30 years to 2015, and fuel cell cars are infiltrating car lots and roadways. With the demand for fuel cell technology on the rise, it’s no surprise that pilot plants are cropping up and trusting RIX Industries to aid with the advancement of alternative fuel processes.

fossil fuel cellRIX Industries’ innovative compressor technology is oil-free, high pressure, and compresses clean natural gas or biogases to support cost-effective alternate fuel applications including fuel cells and filling stations. Having nearly 140 years of compressor expertise and engineering triumphs, RIX Industries is an American-made leader in military and industrial systems design. RIX’s global role in “green” compressor technology and economic security has increased capability and reliability, all while significantly reducing total ownership costs. With each of its custom-made compressors, RIX Industries ensures military, government, and industrial customers alike join the Company in moving toward environmental responsibility and stewardship of natural resources.