RIX Industries has shipped out its military vehicle pneumatic solutions to the2015 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition to be held October 12th-14th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. As one of the great geopolitical hubs of innovation, RIX is embracing the D.C. culture by pushing for military innovation at the event.

As they develop their compressed air pneumatic products into a complex combat era, RIX Industries provides oil-free, high press compressor solutions to land vehicle systems built for today and the future, which will be on display at the show. Some of the products to be displayed represent varying pneumatic capabilities for land vehicles, including emergency egress, central tire inflation, ride height, and ramp and door assist systems. RIX Industries will also be unveiling its UAV launching system capabilities with compact and reliable pneumatic compressors.

2015 marks the 5th year RIX Industries will be exhibiting the AUSA tradeshow. “It is quite an accomplishment to be considered one of the regulars at AUSA,” says Marketing Specialist for RIX Industries, Elizabeth Schroeder. “This year will be no different as our efforts to engineer innovative solutions increase, especially for those affiliated with the efforts of the U.S. Military. We welcome all attendees to join us as we support our troops with innovative compressor solutions at booth 1661.”

Older than Ford Motor Company, GE, Lockheed Martin, and many other mainstay American Corporations, RIX Industries was established in 1878, just 13 years after the Civil War. Since then, RIX compressors and pneumatic technologies have been used in military applications for over 120 years. With a reputation for innovation, reliability, and expertise, RIX Industries’ rich history coupled with its engineering expertise and innovation has projected the company as a leader in the industry. A world class manufacturer of oil-free air and gas compressor technologies, RIX Industries provides essential military vehicle solutions including, but not limited to: central tire inflation, emergency breathable air, buoyancy assist – lift bag, tow launcher, windshield cleaning, ride height, emergency egress, weapon breech cleaning, chaff – flare dispenser, cab pressurization for NBC protection, and ramp and door assist systems.

To find out more about the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition, please visit http://ausameetings.org/2015annualmeeting/.