On November 9th, the U.S. Navy christened what is being hailed as the most advanced warship ever built; CVN 78, the USS Gerald R. Ford.  The Ford is the culmination of over 8 years of work with design and construction, countless different teams of engineers and fabricators, and endless hours of hard work.  We could not  be more proud of our role in the project, and the opportunity to contribute to a project of this magnitude.

In fact, RIX equipment is quite at home on U.S. Naval ships, with over 30 different classes carrying one or more of our units, including this newest Ford class. Particularly, we have 6 MARC350s on board, which provide low pressure control air to operate pressure regulators, wave guides, and various auxiliary equipment; 2NGEN units for filling aircraft tires & struts, for medical use, and used as an inert gas for fuel tanks on planes; and our LOX unit for gaseous O2 for aircraft and medical use.  RIX will also provide compression equipment for the second of the Ford class carriers: the USS John F Kennedy, expected to be commissioned in 2020.

It is with honor and pride that we participate in sending the carrier off to sea, confident that our technology is a part of the cutting edge technology on board, and will serve our sailors well.  Given that the christening  was an event of relative rarity (the last aircraft carrier christening was in 2006), it was a day that we won’t soon forget. We anticipate the next, and will continue to provide the latest in compression technology, to continue our tradition of excellence and support for our Navy.

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