When’s the last time you’ve heard the buzz subject of innovation brought up in team meeting? Chances are, you are currently involved in some sort of innovation summit at the company you work for, have just completed one, or you are about to embark on the journey (lucky you!). So what is the point about all this talk around innovation?

RIX Means Engineered Innovation.

As a kick-off to embracing this culture of innovation, RIX Industries unveiled its Pride and Purpose Statement to employees and customers.

Innovation is our Tradition
Strategic Resource Development Manager, Dana Otterson, and President and CEO of RIX Industries, Bert Otterson, holds up new Pride and Purpose Statement plaques.

When asked to describe innovation at RIX, the Innovation Team responded, “Innovation begins with curiosity, passion, and openness that is devoid of preconception. This translates to the creation of novel ideas, products, concepts, or services that inspire excitement and eagerness to make these things come to life. Whatever form these take, they create value for RIX and our customers. Our hope is that our outstanding employees continue to think and do business with innovative momentum well into the future.”

Innovation Is Our Tradition.

At RIX, we believe innovation is not just the latest buzz word around the office place. Innovation is essential for the growth of the company and its employees. Innovation is not only a way of transforming and adapting the way we do business; it’s a way of rethinking the status quo by embracing a gradual evolution that anticipates the future. Innovation happens when we hold ourselves accountable to long-standing traditions of originality, standards of excellence, and a history of over 137 years of company success.

Engineered Innovation
“RIX Means Engineered Innovation” mouse pads.

The employees at RIX embody innovation when they listen to their creative space inside, embrace novel ideas, and approach their work as a means of providing great potential for the future.

Determined For Excellence Today. Prepared For Growth Tomorrow.

If you visit RIX Industries headquarters, look for the Pride and Purpose Statement plaques decorating our walls. Feel free to ask us about our dedication toward engineered innovation. We will be happy to show you what it means to us.