RIX Industries is slated to share innovative compressors at AICD 2016 – the premier annual meeting for the Association of Independent Compressor Distributors. RIX Industries, a long-time supporter and member of AICD, is proud to be exhibiting at the annual conference in Chicago, IL.RIX Industries

RIX Industries will be showcasing a few of their innovative oxygen compressors at the AICD conference, all of which are high pressure and oil-free, including micro-3D model of their 2V high pressure compressor. The 2V compressor features a stout crosshead construction with totally oil-free compression.RIX IndustriesGases commonly compressed by the 2V model include Oxygen, Hydrogen, Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Air, Natural Gas, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrocarbon Mixes and various other Rare Gases.

All RIX standard model oxygen compressors are CE Marked to satisfy European Union market requirements. All innovative compressor models are designed and manufactured in the USA. Custom compressor prototypes or standardize prototypes for production quantities can be made custom.

The AICD conference is set to take place Sunday, May 15th and Monday May 16th at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago. RIX Industries invites all attending to visit their booth at #123 to learn more about the future of innovative compressor technology.


RIX Industries manufactures a wide range of reciprocating piston compressors and generators for industrial gases and breathing air. RIX specializes in oil-free, high-pressure pneumatic technology. RIX has been in business since 1878 and has been proudly serving our US Armed Forces for over 120 years. With a solid industry reputation that is second to none, RIX is the established leader in American-made compressor engineering and manufacturing.

Since 1970, our oxygen air compressor systems, inert gas generators, and boosters have led the industry in safety and quality. That is why RIX Industries follows CGA 4.1 and U.S. MIL Spec oxygen-cleaning guidelines when manufacturing each part that will come in contact with gas, as well as maintaining detailed cleaning records.

RIX Compressor applications include low or medium pressure oxygen compressor systems for VSA applications at steel mills, paper plants, and water treatment plants, as well as high-pressure oxygen boosters for filling oxygen cylinders from Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.