BATH, Main – RIX Industries celebrates as three STAR-200D Series Compressors make a permanent home aboard the USS Rafael Peralta (DDG 115). Officially christened at the Bath Iron Works shipyard, the USS Rafael Peralta warship was ceremoniously launched into the Kennebec River, a moment that also celebrated family ties between one RIX Industries employee and personnel aboard the ship. Terry R. Allvord USN (Ret.), the Director of Business Development at RIX Industries helped to supply the STAR compressors that are now aboard the USS Rafael Peralta, a ship that Terry Allvord’s son, LTJG Chase Allvord, will be serving on.

USS Rafael Peralta
USS Rafael Peralta (DDG 115) Christening. Photo courtesy of Jessica Levine.


Terry Allvord and LTJG Chase Allvord discussed their pride of working together as well as their continued commitment to military service. “Service is what led me to a Navy career and eventually to work at RIX Industries. Today, the compressor products we make at RIX support our armed forces, which include my two sons serving in the U.S. Navy,” says Terry R. Allvord, USN (Ret.) Director of Business Development at RIX Industries. “It’s an honor to find an employer and industry that allows me to continue to make a difference for my family and other relatives serving in the armed forces because in the end, that’s what it’s all about.”

During the warship’s float-off tradition, the three STAR-200D series compressors aboard the ship will be run for military shipboard applications. These compressors are uniquely engineered for shipboard use with a design that is light weight and single screw with high shock and vibration military specifications reducing airborne and structural noise levels. With advanced microprocessor control and water used as the circulating lubricant and coolant, the compressors deliver compressed air that is completely free of oil contamination, thusly eliminating costly and troublesome air cleanup systems. Long life corrosion resistant components are also in place to support fleet use in a highly corrosive saltwater environment.

The U.S. Navy will continue preparations on the USS Rafael Peralta (DDG 115) for commissioning, which is slated for 2017. Updates for the warship and details of the Rafael Peralta christening is posted on the official U.S. Navy website.