RIX Industries has successfully completed the final round of testing on a high-pressure, 4-stage oxygen compressor. Made for industrial uses, medical uses, and welding purposes, this 250 bar compressor will be able to fill approximately eight J oxygen cylinders an hour, making it one of the highest-flow cylinder-filling compressors on the market today.

Industrial Oxygen Compressor
4VX Oxygen Compressor has completed testing and is ready for shipment to destination overseas.

This compressor, a customized 4VX model, features heavy-duty crosshead construction in a “V” cylinder arrangement with totally oil-free compression. Other models of this compressor are engineered with two to four-stages to boost the pressure up to storage levels. These models can withstand oil-free gas or air compression to 6000 psig with air or water cooling components. Tested to the highest level of safety and oxygen cleaning guidelines, 4VX oxygen compressors can be used in oxygen clean rooms and have VSA applications at steel mills, paper plants, and water treatment plans. High-pressure oxygen boosters like the one pictured are used for filling oxygen cylinders from oxygen PSA systems.

RIX has been manufacturing oxygen boosters since 1970 and has been in the compressor business since 1878. As such, RIX Industries has built a foundation of stability through years of experience. With an extensive product line in a variety of markets, RIX specializes in building to customer requirements. With innovation and tradition at the heart of the Company, RIX Industries stands for engineered innovation. To learn more, please visit our website at http://www.rixindustries.com/index.html or read out latest news on Direct Industry.