Cryogenic Coolers

Low vibration, no maintenance

RIX Industries manufactures highly reliable, Thermoacoustic Stirling (pulse tube) Cryocoolers with Pressure Wave Generators (PWG) for a variety of OEM, military, and R&D applications. With a reputation that is second to none, we are driven to design and produce cryogenic coolers that provide reliable, safe, and economical benefits to our customers.

Each cryogenic unit is driven by two robust linear reciprocating motors with clearance seal pistons, providing wear free operation with no required lubrication. The dual opposed motor/piston design within the pressure wave generator (PWG) is naturally balanced, reducing vibration and noise. The Linear Reciprocating Motors and Alternators are the driving force behind all our cryogenic products. RIX cryocoolers operate at temperatures ranging from 40–200K with rated capacities of a few Watts to 800 Watts at 77K.

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