Naval Submarine League Presents RIX Industries 30-Year Award

WASHINGTON, DC. — RIX Industries (RIX) announced that the Naval Submarine League, founded to communicate the vision and raise awareness for a strong undersea arm of the U.S. Navy, presented the prestigious 30-year award in Washington, D.C.

RIX Industries and Naval Submarine League
Terry Allvord, USN (Ret.) accepts award on behalf of RIX Industries from the Naval Submarine League.

As one of the most successful defense programs in history, RIX Industries’ 5R5-75 high-pressure compressors have made a significant contribution to the Virginia-class submarines. Continuous improvements delivered USS New Hampshire (SSN-778) eight months early and $54 million under budget. USS New Mexico (SSN-779) delivered four more months earlier and a million fewer build hours. Virginia-class submarines are under $2 billion, half the price of the $4.4 billion Seawolf.

In December 2011, the Virginia-class USS Mississippi (SSN-782) was commissioned a year ahead of schedule and $60 million under budget. This was impressive and achieved without policy, regulation or law required. Instead, everyone involved, including RIX Industries genuinely believed it was important to be fast, inexpensive, restrained, and elegant. The team pursued speed, thrift, simplicity, and control at every opportunity, understanding that these principles would enhance not only cost and schedule but also the final product’s operational performance. The result is a fleet of submarines delivered early and under budget with impressive performance at sea.

“RIX Industries is pleased to receive this honor, which continues our long-standing relationship with the most advanced U.S. Navy combatants,” commented George Wood, Executive Vice President of RIX Industries. “RIX’s commitment to supporting the most advanced and reliable technologies that will directly impact new innovations on Virginia and Columbia-class submarines”


RIX Industries manufactures a wide range of reciprocating piston compressors and generators for industrial gases and breathing air. RIX has been in business since 1878 and has been proudly serving our US Armed Forces for over 120 years. With a solid industry reputation that is second to none, RIX is the established leader in engineering and manufacturing of American-made compressors.

A company built on trust, experience, and a growing client base of over 80% repeat customers, RIX is dedicated to making clients for life, both domestically and globally. RIX Industries’ compressors and generators are used by an extensive list of customers within industrial gas companies, refineries and chemical plants, offshore oil platforms, commercial diving operations, SCUBA tank filling stations, and Government Agencies, all of which increase RIX’s global role in strategic deterrence, homeland defense, and economic security.

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Terry Allvord, USN (Ret.)

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