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Oxygen Compressors

RIX Industries knows oxygen compressors. RIX has been manufacturing oxygen boosters since 1970.  Safety and a strict quality product is our number one priority and we make sure that both are incorporated into manufacturing each oxygen booster. Inside our oxygen clean rooms, RIX follows strict oxygen cleaning guidelines to CGA 4.1 and US MilSpec with each gas contacting part.  Detailed cleaning records are maintained.  RIX uses oxygen-compatible materials and carefully evaluates gas velocities throughout the oxygen system.  Low or medium pressure oxygen compressor systems are available for VSA applications at steel mills, paper plants, and water treatment plants.  High-pressure oxygen boosters are used for filling oxygen cylinders from oxygen PSA systems.

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Oxygen Boost for Filling Oxygen Cylinders


RIX high-pressure oxygen compressors are usually used to fill oxygen cylinders for oxygen storage at up to 210 barg (3,000 psig).  The oxygen gas comes from either a PSA (pressure swing adsorption) system, a liquid oxygen vessel, or from oxygen cylinders that have been drawn down to low pressure.  The RIX oxygen booster compressors then use from two to four stages to boost the pressure up to storage levels.  This is done in a totally oil-free environment.  The compressor lower ends are lubricated with grease on the smaller systems or with force-fed oil in the larger systems.  The lubricated lower ends are very carefully separated from the oxygen compression cylinders with extended distance pieces, rod wipers, and oil slingers.  Many PSA manufacturers around the world use the RIX oxygen boosters to connect their PSA’s to cylinder-filling manifolds.

 Microboost Oxygen Compressor  2PS Oxygen Compressor  2V3B Oxygen Compressor  4V4 Oxygen Compressor
 Microboost Compressor

2PS Compressor

2V3 Compressor

4V4 Compressor

 -  to 2,200 PSIG (152 barg) -  to 2,200 PSIG (152 barg) -  to 3,000 PSIG (207 barg) -  to 3,000 PSIG (207 barg)

-  4 to 16 SCFH (0.11 to 0.45 Nm3/hr)

-  30 to 120 SCFH (0.85 to 3.40 Nm3/hr)

-  3.8 to 10 SCFM (6.45 to 16.9 Nm3/hr)

-  10 to 17 SCFM (16.9 to 28.8 Nm3/hr)


Oxygen Boost for Medical Use

Oxygen used in hospitals and other medical facilities does not require a high-pressure boost.  In these facilities oxygen from a PSA or liquid oxygen source is compressed with one or two stages to 3 barg (43 psig) to 20 barg (290 psig) for use directly by patients.  The oxygen is kept pure by the RIX oxygen boosters so that it is safe for medical use.  These oxygen compressors are usually relatively small, in the 3 to 15 kW range.

                                                            2PS Oxygen Compressor                  4VX Oxygen Compressor
 2TX Compressor

2PS Compressor

4VX Compressor

  -  to 750 PSIG (52 barg) -  to 2,200 PSIG (152 barg)

-  to 6,000 PSIG (414 barg)

-  2 to 30 SCFM (3.4 to 50.9 Nm3/hr)

-  30 to 120 SCFH (0.8 to 3.2 Nm3/hr)

-  30 to 200 SCFM (50.9 to 339.8 Nm3/hr)


Oxygen Boost for Process Use

Oxygen for industrial processes is generally higher volume and can require flow rates of up to 3,000 nM3/hr (1,900 SCFM).  The pressures can be higher than requirements for medical oxygen, sometimes up to 35 barg (510 psig).  These larger oxygen compressors are typically vertical to provide the highest assurance that oil cannot migrate to the compression cylinders.  Like the other RIX oxygen compressors these machines have extra-long distance pieces to separate the force-fed running gear from the compression areas.  These RIX oxygen compressors are one, two, or three stages and are typically in the power range of 50 kW up to  375 kW.  RIX keeps the piston speeds on these compressors very low, usually in the range of 2 to 2.5 m/sec (450 ft/min).  RIX’s oversized bearings and slow run speeds make the RIX pumps among the longest-lived and lowest maintenance in the industry.


 4VX Oxygen Compressor  2JS Oxygen Compressor 2M Oxygen Compressor  2DS Oxygen Compressor 

4VX Compressor

2JS Compressor      

2M Compressor

2DS Compressor

-  to 6,000 PSIG (414 barg)
       -  30 to 200 SCFM (51 to 340 Nm3/hr)

-  to 7,000 PSIG (483 barg)
          -  100 to 1,500 SCFM (170 to 2,548.5 Nm3/hr)

-  to 7,500 PSIG (500 barg)
              -  300 to 3,200 SCFM (510 to 5,437 Nm3/hr)

-  to 7,500 PSIG (500 barg)
               -  400 to 4,000 SCFM (680 to 6,796 Nm3/hr) 





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