RIX Industries Receives Praise for Emerging Technologies From Business View Magazine

RIX Industries receives praise for emerging technologies in an article published by Business View Magazine. This month, Business View Magazine published an article highlighting RIX Industries as a key player in the hydrogen fuel cell sector. The article is a transcript of an interview with Chris Allen, Business Development Specialist for RIX Industries. In the article, Allen outlines RIX’s rich history and push toward innovative compressor solutions. “We’ve been in… Read Article →

RIX Industries to Exhibit at Solar Power International

For the first time in company history, RIX Industries will exhibit at Solar Power International (SPI). With an audience of over 18,000 industry professionals and over 600 manufacturers, service providers, and vendors meeting from across the globe, RIX Industries will be introducing their upgraded Microboost Series Compressor to the market. RIX is an industry leader in innovative, high pressure, oil-free compression; as such, RIX continues to evolve with emerging technologies,… Read Article →

RIX Industries Recognizes Navy Milestone at Commissioning of USS Rafael Peralta (DDG-115)

Terry Allvord joined RIX Industries five years ago to continue his service to our nation.  As the Director of Business Development for RIX, he believes that our ability to connect on a personal level is key to building successful long-term customer relationships. Terry’s belief and business motto  was recently confirmed when he and his family attended  a Navy milestone, the commissioning of USS Rafael Peralta (DDG-115).  The commissioning of this ship became… Read Article →

America’s Most-Advanced Warship Built with RIX Industries Parts

The newest and most technologically advanced aircraft carrier design in 40 years, Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), is set to be commissioned by the U.S. Navy on Saturday, July 22, 2017. When it does, there will be Liquid Oxygen Production Systems on the ship manufactured by RIX Industries.  The commissioning of a ship is a grand ceremony culminating with raising the commissioning pennant to the masthead and for all purposes of… Read Article →

RIX Industries Announces Acquisition of Qdrive

BENICIA, CA – RIX Industries, Inc. (RIX) announces the acquisition of Qdrive, a subsidiary of Chart Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: GTLS). This acquisition of assets and IP will allow RIX to focus on expanding their cryogenics business segment onboard U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, other vessels, and diverse industrial applications. RIX developed an advanced liquid oxygen (LOX) plant for the US Navy’s new USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN78) aircraft carrier in partnership… Read Article →

RIX Industries to Present on Hot Topics at Hannover Messe 2017

Don’t miss out on these hot topics at Hannover Messe RIX Industries will present on hot topics within the industrial energy technical and public forums at Hannover Messe. A global leader in industrial air and gas compression and generation, RIX Industries will be offering information about current energy innovations that effect global industrial infrastructure and technologies. RIX invites you to visit their Technical Forum on Monday, April 24th at 2:00… Read Article →

RIX Industries To Exhibit Innovative Technologies at Hannover Messe 2017

RIX Exhbits at Hannover Messe, 2017 RIX Industries announces the company will exhibit innovative technologies at Hannover Messe 2017. Hannover Messe is the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technologies, including industrial automation and energy and mobility technology. A global leader in innovative, high-pressure and oil-free air and gas compressor and generator solutions , RIX is excited to be a part of such an impacting trade fair. While exhibiting, RIX Industries is… Read Article →

RIX Industries Raises $630 for Prostate Cancer Awareness

In the spirit of giving, RIX Industries has successfully raised $630 for Prostate Cancer Awareness. All month, RIX Industries participated in No Shave November to raise money toward the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation. With much success, RIX Industries surpassed their goal of $500 and raised a total of $630 in donation money. On November 30th,  the no-shave participants endured a panel of RIX judges as their beards were judged on strict criteria… Read Article →

RIX Industries Participates in No Shave November 2016

RIX Industries is participating in No Shave November to raise $500 in donations for the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation. The No Shave November campaign at RIX started with one employee who wanted to have some fun with colleagues while raising awareness about cancer. Since the initial idea spread around RIX Industries, over 20 male employees at RIX have given up their facial grooming practices for the month of November. These… Read Article →

LOX System Receives Praise from Cryogenics Society of America

RIX Industries’ Liquid Oxygen (LOX) Production System receives much praise in the latest edition of the Cryogenics Society of America’s online magazine, “Cold Facts.” Published in the 3rd quarter of 2016, the magazine’s section, Spotlight on Industry, has highlighted the RIX LOX system for cutting cost and increasing efficiency for the U.S. Navy. Onboard the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), the RIX LOX Production System provides benefits in safety, performance, and reliability in the… Read Article →