Aircraft Carrier, John F. Kennedy, Christened with RIX Equipment Aboard

The U.S. Navy has christened its newest Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier, USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79), during a ceremony on Saturday, December 6, at Newport News ShipbuildingJohn F. Kennedy is the second ship of the Ford-class, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. The Ford-class’ unique engineering and design innovations increases mission effectiveness, reduces workload for sailors, and lowers operating costs for the U.S. Navy.

Aircraft Carrier
“Caroline Kennedy, President John F. Kennedy’s daughter, former ambassador to Japan, and sponsor of the Ford-class aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CVN-79), christens the ship on Dec. 7, 2019,” per USNI News. US Navy Photo.

The aircraft carrier is one of many with RIX’s nitrogen generator systems and a liquid oxygen plant aboard.  “It was our distinct honor to have contributed to the construction of this great vessel, providing critical technologies to John F. Kennedy,” says Terry Allvord, Director of Business Development at RIX.

RIX Industries is one of 68 companies in California that provides $823.1 million worth of parts for the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier program. “U.S. Navy aircraft carrier construction helps support the economy in California and provides opportunities for skilled manufacturing companies of American-made products. RIX Industries is honored that we were able to contribute to the christened John F. Kennedy, as well as the continued protection of the United States,” said Terry Allvord.

The U.S. aircraft program is made up of over 2,000 suppliers in 46 states, injecting $4.1 billion and thousands of jobs into communities across the country. In California alone, the impact translates to $1.2 billion in economic activity. RIX Industries employs 153 talented people across California and Nevada. “Our employees are comprised of individuals who take great pride in the work we do to support our nation’s aircraft carrier program. Companies like RIX Industries are the backbone of our country’s defense shipbuilding industrial base–an industrial base that sustains America’s military and diplomatic strength.”-class, including John F. Kennedy, were made possible by American companies, in communities both big and small across the country. “I am immensely proud of our contributions in support of our nation’s aircraft carrier program, especially our latest role in the construction of John F. Kennedy, and in support of the brave men and women of the U.S. Navy.”


RIX Industries manufactures a wide range of reciprocating piston compressors and generators for industrial gases and breathing air. RIX has been in business since 1878 and has been proudly serving our U.S. Armed Forces for over 120 years. With a solid industry reputation that is second to none, RIX is an established leader in engineering and manufacturing of American-made compressors.

A company built on trust, experience, and a growing client base of over 80% repeat customers, RIX is dedicated to making clients for life, both domestically and globally. RIX Industries’ compressors and generators are used by an extensive list of customers within industrial gas companies, refineries and chemical plants, offshore oil platforms, commercial diving operations, SCUBA tank filling stations, and Government Agencies, all of which increase RIX’s global role in strategic deterrence, homeland defense, and economic security.

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To watch the video of the John F. Kennedy Christening, please click the link.